Whew, It's Hot Outside!

Posted by Val Wade on

Birds need water to digest food, and to keep cool (and warm in winter). It's easy to help them. And of course, it's just plain fun to watch birds splashing in a bird bath.

Pick out a standing or hanging bath, 1.5" to 2" deep for little bird legs, with a non-slip bottom. Remember to put it near a place that birds can perch to dry their wings and be safe from predators like cats.

If you want even more activity, draw birds in by creating moving water. Use a fountain that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. Our replaceable pump has three power settings. Or add a dripper that hooks to a hose faucet and can be fitted with a timer to save water.

For containers that are too deep, just drop in a "Bird Bath Raft" and you've got an instant bath that's just the right depth.

Slow down the growth of algae and other slimy stuff, by putting in a cap full of natural digestive enzymes with each refill. It works wonders. And remember to change your water often, sometimes daily to keep clean, healthy birds flocking to your yard.

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