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Clean Dishes Keep Birds Healthy

  • Wash seed feeders often - once a month if weather is dry and more if it's wet and warm.  Sterilize with a 10% bleach solution. Rinse thoroughly. Dry completely. Many higher quality feeders are easy to clean and often dishwasher safe.


    • Keep the area underneath feeders clear of shells and dropped seed. Use digestive enzymes for a faster break-down of buildup.

    • Throw out any moldy or old feed. Use current year's crop. Start out with the freshest seed available.

    Not This!


      • Scrub and refill birdbaths every 2-5 days. Use natural enzymes to help prevent algae and bacterial growth.

      • Clean hummingbird feeders every 3-5 days, especially in warm weather. Use an easy to clean feeder.

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