Hummingbirds In Spring

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Migration Time

The migrating Rufous Hummingbirds are returning from Mexico and joining our resident Anna’s.

These hungry birds need clean nectar. Change nectar every four to five days. In the summer sun it only lasts three days before fermenting starts. This can cause fungal infections. Use "Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender" to help keep your nectar safe, if you are going on vacation or you have trouble remembering to change your nectar.

Make nectar with one part white cane sugar and four parts water. You can boil the water, but not the sugar mixture. Store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. No honey. No ORGANIC sugar! No brown or raw sugar either. (iron is toxic to them). No food coloring. Your feeder has bright colors on it, right? That's enough.

Put colorful rain shields, ribbons or flowers near your feeder to draw their attention. They also love to take showers. "Easy Mister" hooks right onto a hose.

Keep feeders out of reach of cats. Place your feeder within three feet of your windows to prevent accidental crashes. If they run into the window, they’ll be going slow (well, for a hummingbird).

For more activity, put another feeder out of sight of the first one. And give them a perch so they can guard their territory. Nest material like animal hair, feathers and cattail fluff helps make a soft, warm bed for their babies. No dryer lint, please; it makes a sticky, moldy nest that falls apart.

Take pictures and share them. The bold little birds may let you get very close.

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  • We don’t know why the hummers quit coming. Sugar water is as directed & fresh. Is it because they have flowers to go to now & don’t need our sugar water?

    CArolyne MIlling on

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