Predator Birds

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Bird feeders feed birds, that sometimes get eaten by predator birds. You can feel a little sorry for these beauties, because 75% of them die before they're a year old. It's hard to chase down every meal!

The most common predator birds that frequent bird feeding areas are Sharp-shinned Hawks and Cooper's Hawks, but you might also see Merlins, Red-tailed Hawks, owls and eagles.

Crows, jays and ravens are opportunists and mostly prey on eggs and nestlings (as do squirrels).

Predation is natural and helps keep populations healthy. Still, it can seem unfair to set up bird feeders as if they are bait stations, so here are things you can do to help the little songbirds.

  • Place feeders near and in trees and shrubs that offer quick escapes for the little ones.
  • Spread feeders out to avoid crowding. Big bunches of noisy birds draw attention to themselves.
  • Clearly visible nets and fences can protect a feeding area.
  • Look away from the carnage, or get out your binoculars for fascinating insights into the bird world.

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